Eggs in Refrigerator? Here’s What Many People Don’t Know about the Effects

Putting Eggs in Refrigerator — Guide on When To Do It

EGGS IN REFRIGERATOR – There are somne things that many people don’t know about the effects of putting eggs in the fridge.

Eggs are undeniably a staple in countless households in the Philippines. In fact, many people in other countries also like eating eggs which are a good source of protein and organic compounds.

Eggs in Refrigerator

Eggs give people a lot of choices. You can have it sunny-side-up which is the cooking style that is a favorite of many people and perfect for sandwiches, scrambled, or boiled. In the case of sunny-side-up and boiled eggs, they are best paired with salt while scrambled eggs can be with salt, cheese, tomatoes, and onions.

Truth be told that many people store their eggs in refrigerator. It is known as a way to lengthen the shelf life of eggs being a natural product that is rich in protein making it more prone to spoilage.

However, there are some things you shoudl known about putting eggs on the fridge. There are some effects and tips that are unknown to many people.

Eggs stored on the fridge may rot faster than others. Based on an article on Cookist, eggs that are stored at the room temperature may have longer shelf life than those that are kept in the fridge as eggs can turn sour when they are taken out from very cold temperatures.

Eggs not kept on the fridge are better for baking. Not many bakers know that eggs kept at room temperature whip way better that those that are kept in the refrigerator.

No need to refigerate eggs with cuticles. Eggs that still have their cuticle or the invisible layer intact means they are fresh thus there is no need to refrigerate them right away.

Refrigerating the eggs may increase chance of bacterial contamination. Based on the article, eggs stored in cold temperature may undergo condensation when the egg is taken out to room temperature. It has a chance of leading to the growth of bacteria on the egg shell and may contaminate the egg.

Eggs in refrigerator best move for eggs you suspect with salmonella infection. If you suspect the eggs with salmonella infection, it is best to put them on the fridge to vanish the bacteria and to prevent the other eggs stored at room temperature from being contaminated.

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