Authorization Letter Sample

Here’s an authorization letter sample and all the points you must include for writing.

AUTHORIZATION LETTER SAMPLE – This is how you do your authorization letter in case you will need another person to carry out a certain action.

To have someone do something for you in case you are not able to be present physically can happen a lot of times. And during this kind of situation, what you will need is an authorization letter which will give the third person an authority to do a particular business or transaction for you.

However, there are specific actions or transactions that you will need for someone to do for you. It could be authorizing somebody to claim money for you or collect some documents for you. And commonly, this type of letter is used in the business world.

Here’s a basic format as a sample letter:



[Recipient Name]
[Recipient Address]
[Recipient Contact]

To whom it may concern:

I, (Your Name), hereby authorize (Name Of Appointed Representative) to act on my behalf with regards to making decisions to any and all real estate. [State here the scope and limitation of you appointed representative]. 

Attached to this letter of authorization are necessary documents to confirm identity of [Appointed Representative] and his position in the company [State Name Of Company or Institution]. This will be in effect starting [Start Date], until [End Date].

For any clarification and verification you can contact me at [Contact Information].



In some occasions, date and a notary or witness is required to be put at the last part of the letter. Also, ensure two copies which are signed.


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