Photos of Sen. Franklin Drilon Caught Sleeping Earned Various Reaction

Photos of Sen. Franklin Drilon Sleeping Surface Online Earned Various Reactions Some photos of Senator Franklin Drilon caught sleeping in the senate earned various reactions from netizens after surfaced on the social media. Franklin “Frank” Magtunao Drilon is a Filipino politician who served as President of the Senate of the Philippines in 2000, from 2001 … Read more

OFW Netizen Share’s Photos How Chaotic Hong Kong Right Now

OFW Netizen from Hong Kong Shared Some Photos of the City’s Current Situation A concerned OFW netizen shared photos of some parts of Hong Kong where she shows how chaotic the city’s situation right now. The new phase in the crisis, which has forced schools and shopping malls to close as well as the shutdown … Read more

Motorist Becomes Emotional to the Unexpected Help from MMDA Officers

Motorist Expresses His Emotional Gratitude to the Unexpected Help from MMDA Officers A motorist becomes emotional and expresses his gratitude to the MMDA officers to his Facebook post when he receives unexpected help from them. Recently, a Facebook user named “Morris Dela Cruz” shared some photos of him and two MMDA officers who helped him … Read more

Balut Vendor Does Singing While Selling to Attract his Customers

Balut Vendor Who Sings While Selling Becomes Popular to his Customers This balut vendor becomes popular in the town of Liliw, Laguna because of its method of marketing it. 46–years-old balut vendor named Mario Valencia become popular in their town because of his method of selling his balut. Because while she was selling it he … Read more

Man Celebrates His Birthday By Giving Clothes to Beggars in the Street

Man Who Celebrates His Birthday by Giving Clothes to Street Beggars Inspires Netizens Photos of a man who gives free clothes to street beggars as he celebrates his birthday became viral and earned praises from netizens after it was posted on social media. Kindness is a behavior of being considerate, friendly, and generous towards others without … Read more