It’s Showtime – Bibe and Dudong Make History In “EXpecially For You”

For the first time, this happened in It’s Showtime.

IT’S SHOWTIME – Bibe and Dudong “EXpecially For You” makes history as ex-couple to rekindle romance in the noontime show.

There are loves that need to let go and there are those we need to hold on to. The latter is the love that deserves a second chance, the one that mattered most, and the one that made us feel that one of a kind feeling.

It's Showtime

Just like Bibe and Dudong. A love they shared with each other is something no one can replace and this is what they proved in the “EXpecially For You” segment of It’s Showtime.

Dudong is supposed to help Bibe find a new friend but in this process, what they found was each other. Bibe gave the three featured Searchees one green flag each which made host Vice Ganda gave Bibe a chance to choose not just from the three but four of them including Dudong.

It was an on-the-spot change in the segment’s program but for Bibe, it looked like it’s wasn’t hard at all. After giving some thoughts within the time frame given to her, she decided to choose Dudong and she has the firm reasons to do so.

It's Showtime

According to her, Dudong already knows how to handle her and in this second chance she chose for their love, she vowed to have a broader understanding of his work which was the reason why they broke up before.

As for Dudong, he also wanted the same thing and in his promise for her, he vowed to make up for his shortcomings.

Instead of choosing one from the three Searchees, Bibe chose the Dudong again – the first in the history of noontime’s segment for this to happen as per the episode.

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