Carlo Aquino Daughter Mithi Not Present On His Wedding

CARLO AQUINO DAUGHTER – Mithi is his daughter with model Trina Candaza and netizens noticed she’s not present on his wedding. Candaza spoke about this matter to Ogie Diaz and accordingly, Mithi’s presence was not asked to be on his wedding with Charlie Dizon.

Carlo Aquino Did Not Ask Daughter Mithi’s Presence For His Wedding Day

Ogie Diaz has this revelation as to why Mithi is not present at the wedding of Carlo Aquino and Charlie Dizon.

In a new video, Ogie Diaz talked to Trina Candaza who revealed why Mithi was not present on the wedding of Carlo Aquino.

Trina Candaza and Carlo Aquino became a couple in 2019 and a year later, she gave birth to Mithi, their daughter. Everything seems well and fine after giving birth. Their relationship is public and they were even generous in sharing their parenthood journey as they confirmed Trina’s pregnancy.

However, thing in social media is not always what it seems like in real life. In 2022, their split has been confirmed. Trina and Carlo broke up but the reason behind the separation was not disclosed.

Things changed when they became parents and as per Trina’s words, they lost the person they thought would protect them and keep them safe. They tried to adjust to the differences but to no avail.

To protect each other’s privacy, Trina and Carlo did not give details about their breakup.

Recently, Carlo’s wedding to Charlie Dizon has been held which shocked a lot people. However, while others were busy congratulating the newlyweds, some people went the other way and consoled Trina. Their hearts go out for Trina and Mithi.

The absence of Mithi in her father’s wedding was also noted and this matter was discussed by Ogie Diaz in his new vlog. According to the showbiz reporter, he was able to talk to Trina and the latter shared that the father did not ask for his daughter to be present on his wedding day.

To clarify some things and for others not to think that she did not allow their daughter to attend his wedding, she shared the truth. Based on Ogie, Mithi’s presence was not asked but only if he did, she finds no reason to say no.

Ogie furthered that the former couple surely have their respective understanding about the situation, especially. He said based on his video, “I’m sure naiintindihan yan ni Trina. Tsaka feeling ko naman binibigay ni Trina kay Carlo.”

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