Student Arrives Late to Closing Ceremony Due to Selling Vegetables w/ Mother

Elementary Student Touches Many Hearts for Arriving Late to Closing Ceremony

An elementary student arrived late to the school’s closing ceremony to sell vegetables with her mother to earn money.

A graduation ceremony is a formal event that marks the completion of a student’s academic program. Each graduate is called to the stage to receive their certificate, which indicates the successful completion of their academic requirements.

Various traditions may be part of the ceremony, such as the singing of the national anthem, school song, or a formal procession and recession of graduates and faculty.


Recently, a heartwarming yet bittersweet story circulated online when a lady student arrived late to her school’s closing ceremony because she was selling vegetables with her mother. The post garnered various reactions online.

The student’s teacher shared that her student only arrived after the closing ceremony ended because she and her mother were still selling vegetables. The pupil couldn’t afford the T-shirt needed for the dance performance, so they continued working.

According to the educator, the little girl that the closing ceremony was earlier that morning.


“Akong Pupil ayha pa tawon nakaabot Humana Ang Closing ky namaligya pa Sila duha sa iyang Mama ug utan ky Wala silay ipalit ug uniform sa sayaw nga T-shirt kaluoy pd tawon oi nakalimot nga ganena Ra buntag Ang Closing,” the teacher said.

Despite arriving late, the child received numerous awards, including honors for being most truthful, most respectful, and most kind.


“Congrats inday, padayuna ang pag skwela kay puhon ma successful ka, ikaw nasay mo tabang sa imong pamilya para mabayran ang kahago ug sakripisyo sa imong mama. God bless ninyung duha,” the teacher added.

(Congratulations, dear. Keep studying hard, and one day you’ll be successful and able to help your family, repaying your mother’s hard work and sacrifices. God bless both of you)


The page is encouraging kind-hearted individuals to give a small gift to the student so she can celebrate her achievements.

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