Barbie Imperial and Richard Gutierrez Together in Actress’ Gym Photo?

BARBIE IMPERIAL AND RICHARD GUTIERREZ – Netizens speculate that the actor may the man standing behind the actress in her gym photo.

Actress Barbie Imperial recently took to social media a photo of her taken at the gym. However, what caught the attention of countless netizens was the man behind the actress in her gym photo.

Barbie Imperial Posts Gym Photo, Is the Man Behind her Richard Gutierrez?

Gym Photo of Barbie Imperial Ignites Reactions from Netizens

Barbie Imperial took to social media a gym photo with a man behind her and netizens ask if it is Richard Gutierrez.

One of the celebrity breakups that left countless hearts broken was the breakup of Richard Gutierrez and Sarah Lahbati. It was in March of this year when the actress confirmed that she and her husband have parted ways.

Sarah Lahbati, Richard Gutierrez

Richard and Sarah’s marriage was blessed with two (2) sons — Zion and Kai, whom they are co-parenting. Both celebrities are currently surrounded by rumors. In the case of the actor, he is currently linked with young actress Barbie Imperial.

The speculations linking Richard Gutierrez and Barbie Imperial started when the two (2) celebrities were spotted together in a gastropub in Alabang. Several people saw the two celebrities and there were claims that their gestures show they are very close to each other.

Barbie Imperial, Richard Gutierrez Alabang

After the said photos taken in Alabang stirring reactions online, entertainment writer Ogie Diaz claimed that his source said that Barbie was just entertaining Richard at the restaurant. Allegedly, the actress is one of the shareholders of the restaurant.

Recently, Barbie Imperial and Richard Gutierrez were spotted together anew in South Korea. A netizen who has asked for a photo with the actress posted the photos on social media. The two (2) celebrities could be seen walking and seemingly talking to each other as they cross a busy street abroad.

Neither Barbie nor Richard have spoke on the issues linking them to each other. There are also speculations that the two (2) celebrities may be doing a project together that is why they are spotted together.

However, a recent photo posted by Barbie Imperial on her social media account stirred the confusion of eagle-eyed netizens once again. In a post that is no longer available, based on a report on Pep, the actress shared a gym photo with a man behind her doing a workout. Some netizens speculate that it was Richard Gutierrez.

Undeniably, the body built of Richard somehow matches the physique of the man exercising behind Barbie in the photo. Here’s a copy of the photo:

Barbie Imperial
Screenshot lifted from Pep

Barbie did not write any caption on her post. Based on the article, some netizens speculate that the post of the actress is a “hard launch” or “flex” of Richard.

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