Richard Gutierrez, Barbie Imperial Together In South Korea

Richard Gutierrez and Barbie Imperial, what’s the real score?

Actor Richard Gutierrez was spotted with actress Barbie Imperial in South Korea amid rumors linking them.

Speculations about the real score between Richard and Barbie started to circulate when they were spotted together in a bar. Sources from their camp said that it was a coincidence since Richard is friends with the owners of the bar and one of the owners is Barbie.

Then, netizens speculated that they were together on an island last Holy Week. Last April, speculations also surfaced that Barbie and Richard were together in Amanpulo. Allegedly, the actress was trying to hide from other people when she was spotted together with the actor.

richard gutierrez barbie imperial

Just recently, photos of Richard Gutierrez and Barbie Imperial taken in South Korea circulated on social media. They were photographed walking on the streets and Richard even took a photo of Barbie with a fan.

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The photos were shared by a netizen on a popular showbiz site and this received reactions from the online community.

richard gutierrez
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Some said that the rumors are true after all while some said that they are waiting for the statement from Annabelle Rama, the mother of Richard, regarding this. On the other hand, there were those who compared Barbie Imperial and Sarah Lahbati, the estranged wife of Richard Gutierres.

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To recall, Richard and Sarah’s breakup issue started to circulate late last year. Several speculated reasons surfaced but the estranged couple chose not to speak about the details of their separation.

With the recent sightings of Richard Gutierrez and Barbie Imperial, netizens believed that they could be together as a couple because they are together even though they are not promoting any project. A netizen even commented that Richard and Barbie have been spotted together many times already even in Manila. Here are some comments.

📷: via FP

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