Mom Shares Scary Experience As Her Son Collapses from Low Blood Sugar After Swimming

Concerned Mom Shares Scary Experience As Her Son Collapses at Beach After Swimming

A concerned mom shares a scary experience after her son collapsed from low blood sugar after swimming, saying, “bigla na syang nag-collapse.”

Recently, the Facebook page “Thrifty Mom” shared the frightening experience of a mom about an incident involving her son ‘Ayo’, warning parents about the dangers of hypoglycemia in children after swimming.

The kid experienced a sudden and severe drop in blood sugar levels after a day of swimming, leading to a near collapse. The post quickly circulated online and garnered various reactions from netizens.


The incident took place during a family outing to celebrate a birthday. The family spent Saturday swimming and continued the fun into Sunday morning. However, after waking Ayo to go to the beach, he showed signs of extreme tiredness.

Despite this, the child managed to walk to the beach but soon asked to be carried, complaining of fatigue. The mother, thinking it was typical laziness, did not realize the seriousness of his condition.

Upon returning to the resort, Ayo drank some water and suddenly collapsed. His family, initially attributing his condition to exhaustion and sleepiness, was shocked when Ayo became pale and limp, struggling to breathe.


Luckily, Ayo’s father acted quickly, and they rushed him to the hospital. In the emergency room, the initial examination suggested that Ayo was simply tired from swimming. However, the parents were not satisfied and sought a second opinion at a private hospital.

During this time, Ayo vomited and briefly regained consciousness, only to weaken again. Blood tests revealed that Ayo had hypoglycemia – his blood sugar level had dropped dangerously low to 56, whereas the normal range for children is between 80 and 200.

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Hypoglycemia occurs when blood sugar levels fall below normal. It can be particularly dangerous for children, especially during or after intense physical activities like swimming.

The body burns sugar rapidly during such activities, and if not replenished right away, it can lead to severe consequences such as coma or even death.

The mom posted her child’s experience to spread awareness and prevent other families from facing similar dangers.

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