Yen Santos Shares Heart Evangelista’s Love Advice amid Breakup Rumors w/ Paolo Contis?

Paolo Contis, Yen Santos Rumored To Have Broken Up

YEN SANTOS – Amid her rumored breakup with Paolo Contis, the actress shared the love advice of Heart Evangelista.

One of the celebrity relationships that was surrounded with a lot of controversy and issues is the relationship of Paolo Contis and Yen Santos. The two (2) celebrities already faced a lot of accusations and negative criticisms since his breakup with LJ Reyes.

Paolo Contis, Yen Santos

Paolo and Yen starred the 2021 movie A Faraway Land which featured the love story of a reported who went to Faroe Islands to document the lives of women who married the natives in the foreign place but ended up falling in love with one of them.

A few months after their movie was released, in September 2021, LJ Reyes confirmed her breakup with Paolo Contis. There were allegations that it was caused by a third party and Yen was accused as the third person involved in the separation of the former couple.

Paolo Contis, Yen Santos

Paolo defended Yen amid the accusations that she is the third party in his breakup with LJ. In their first sighting together amid the allegations and rumors, Paolo expressed that he was with Yen in Baguio with her “as a friend” — the line even made a trend on social media.

In January 2023, Paolo Contis confirmed his relationship with Yen Santos. For several months, the celebrity couple was quite lowkey about their relationship. In November of the same year, there were reports that they have broken up but it was debunked by the actor.

However, recently, there were speculations again that Paolo and Yen have gone separate ways after Yen deleted her birthday post for Paolo. The Kapuso actor was cornered by the press in several interviews but he refused to give a categorical answer or speak about the real score between him and the actress now.

Recently, amid the rumors that she and Paolo Contis have broken up, Yen Santos has shared a video of Heart Evangelista about her advice to her young self when it comes to love.

The actress shared the video on her Instagram Story which is nowhere to be found now. In the said video, the Kapuso actress advised her young self to stop giving away her heart “like it’s candy”. Here’s the post that talked about loving yourself:

Neither Paolo Contis nor Yen Santos has directly addressed the rumors surrounding their relationship. The actress is also quite away from the limelight for more than a year now since she was surrounded by allegations at the time of the breakup of Paolo and LJ.

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