Man Pretends to Ask for Direction Before Robbing Bus Passengers

Man Pretends to Ask for Direction Before Robbing Bus Passengers

A man in San Mateo Rizal pretended to ask for directions before revealing his true intentions and robbing bus passengers.

Recently, the Facebook page Jbha Sambo shared a video of a crime that happened right in front of SM San Mateo. The video quickly circulated online and garnered various reactions from internet users.

In the video, the man boarded the bus and initially appeared to be innocently inquiring about directions. However, moments later, he declared a robbery, catching the passengers off guard.

Bus Passengers

The sudden shift from a seemingly harmless question to a threat created an atmosphere of fear and confusion inside the bus.

The robber was identified by several community members as being from the ARMPAC area of Banaba, San Mateo Rizal. Despite wearing a white cloth covering his head and a pink T-shirt, many people recognized him.

The suspect’s identity and location seem to be well-known among the locals. The incident has led to a public outcry for action. Residents are urged to report the suspect to the authorities to prevent further crimes.

Bus Passengers

The residents are fearing that the suspect may strike again, targeting neighbors or even their children if he remains at large.

The incident emphasizes the importance of community awareness and the role of social media in bringing criminals to justice. It reminds the public to stay vigilant and proactive in reporting suspicious activities.

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Here is the full post:

“TAGA ARMPAC BANABA SAN MATEO RIZAL madame nakakakilala sa tao na ito, please po paki complete details sa tao na ito,KC pakalat kalat pa din sya today,Ng tataklob lng sya na puting damit sa ulo at naka pink na T-shirt

Grabe kadame nakakakilala sa taong ito, bat di nyo maisumbong kapit Bahay nyo pala itong holdaper na ito. baka sa sunod kayo na holdapen nyang tao na yan or mga anak nyo.

Wag nyo sana hayaan na pakalat kalat itong tao na ito”

The social media users expressed their reactions to the incident:

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