Migz Zubiri Steps Down As Head Of The Senate

Sen. Migz Zubiri Steps Down As Philippine Senate President

MIGZ ZUBIRI – Senator Juan Miguel Zubiri has confirmed that he has resigned from his post as Senate president.

Senate President Juan Miguel Zubiri stepped down from his position on Monday, putting an end to the coup rumors that had hounded his two-year leadership in the upper chamber.

“Today, I offer my resignation as Senate President, and upon stepping down I vow to serve as an independent member of the Senate—my allegiance, as ever, belonging to no one but the people,” Zubiri said in a privilege speech.

Photo Source: Inquirer

“I leave with my head held high, knowing I did what is right for the Senate and for the nation,” Sen. Zubiri added.

Under his leadership, Zubiri boasted of the Senate’s defense of the nation’s democracy, people, and institution.

“I have never dictated my position to any of you, and I always supported your independence—which is probably why I face my demise today. I failed to follow instructions from the powers that be,” he said.

“I fought the good fight. If I have ruffled some feathers in doing so, if I have upset the powers that be, then so be it.” he further said

Before the session, Zubiri told reporters in an interview that he most likely lost the position because he disobeyed orders.

Juan Miguel Zubiri remained silent even when questioned if his departure as Senate Majority Leader was related to the ongoing inquiry into purportedly leaked Philippine Drug Enforcement Agency papers.

He expressed his sadness at the events in a different interview, adding that he had done everything in his power to safeguard the Senate’s autonomy.

According to the report, Senator Francis Escudero was sworn in as the new Senate president right away after Zubiri resigned.

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