Zubiri Announces Senate Employees Inflationary Aid Raised from 12K to 50K

Senate Pres. Migz Zubiri Speaks on Increase on Senate Employees Inflationary Aid

ZUBIRI, MIGZ – The Senate President announced the raising of the Senate Inflationary Aid from P12,200 to P50,000 and the medical assistance.

Currently, the Filipinos are dealing with high prices of some goods, basic commodities, and services in the Philippines. A lot of parents and those who manage the household’s finances express that the usual monthly budget does not anymore fit the family’s needs because of the high cost of living now.

The inflation or the rate of increase in the prices of goods and services in the country has steadily increased for several months now. In November 2022, the inflation rate in the Philippines has reached 8.0% from the 7.7% inflation rate in the month prior to it.

The inflation rate in the Philippines increased to 8.1% in December 2022. Amid the high inflation rate in the country now, Senator Pres. Migz Zubiri announced a raise on the one-time Inflationary Aid for the employees of the Senate.

Migz Zubiri
Photo Credit: Senate of the Philippines

Based on a report on Inquirer, Senate Pres. Migz Zubiri said that from P12,200, the Inflationary Aid for the Senate employees will be raised to P50,000. According to the Senate President, the raise is in line with the pursuit to help the employees of the legislative body in their daily expenses.

“Tumaas ang inflation. Dapat itaas din natin ang assistance,” Zubiri said.

Based on the report, the Senate employees can expect their one-time Inflationary Aid this August. All 3,000 employees of the legislative body will receive the assistance which the Senate President said will come from the savings of the upper chamber.

Aside from the Inflationary Aid, the medical assistance for Senate employees will also increase. From P30,000, it will be raised to P50,000.

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5 thoughts on “Zubiri Announces Senate Employees Inflationary Aid Raised from 12K to 50K”

  1. Sana all Kasama LGU employees sir
    Every one need this our salary cant
    Afford the prices now and pls pass the early retirement bill ty

  2. Is the senate employees are the affected in the inflation in our country? How about the government employees are they not affected specially the rank and file employees

  3. Bkit senior citizen d nyo pnag aralan mbuti, un 80 yrs old ttanggap ng 25 k, pno nmn un mga mga 60 ptaas dba bumibili un ng mga ktulad ng pngangailangan nyo kau lng b ntataasan s mga bilihin, gang 20%dscount nlng b at libreng cine, dba kmi kmakain dn n tulad nyo?

  4. So senator mig zubiri how about the ordinary people or employee ? don’t they deserve to have inflationary aid?do you think you won the election just because of the Senate employees?wow you people are really thinking the benefits of those close to you!!!


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