Kathryn Bernardo Speaks About “Hello, Love, Again”

The movie is getting a sequel and Kathryn Bernardo has this to say about the upcoming film.

KATHRYN BERNARDO – The film “Hello, Love, Goodbye” will be having a sequel and the Kapamilya superstar has this hope for this film.

“Hello, Love, Goodbye” is having a sequel and it will be called “Hello, Love, Again“. We are definitely heard and will this sequel give Joy and Ethan the happy ending we’ve been asking?

On May 19, this has been officially announced which also marked the reunion of Kathryn Bernardo and Alden Richards in the big screen. A teaser was also released where Joy, portrayed by Bernardo, was seen standing in a snowy setting in Canada and the next scene showed Ethan, portrayed by Richards, walking towards while they give each other an intense stare.

“Ikaw at Ako” by Moira Dela Torre and Jason Marvin plays in the background as the teaser ends. Alden said “Hello, Love, Again” is a dream come true for him. Now, on the other hand, what did Kathryn say about the upcoming sequel which will be shown this year?

The film will be set in Canada and what Kathryn is hoping is for this to show the reality of what being an OFW feels like from the struggle they share to the challenges they would never tell their family left in the Philippines.

The sequel came five years after. She already thought that they already said their “Goodbyes” but here they are now, with their “Hellos” and the many first times they are to do.

“Thank you for giving us another opportunity to tell another story and continue sharing Ethan and Joy’s story but this time in Canada,” she added.

She knew doing this sequel is not going to be easy but the feeling is giving her both some difference and familiarity. She had many questions but after putting things in perspective and considering the open-ended finale of the first film, she realized that a sequel is needed to answer the questions she also have.

“Ang daming maganda at the same time sad stories that we want to tell, I think this is a good continuation sa ibang aspeto naman,” she said based on a report from ABS-CBN.

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