Coleen Garcia On Having A Second Baby

This is what Coleen Garcia said about this matter.

Actress-model Coleen Garcia has this to say when asked about having another baby after Amari, who will turn four years old soon.

Amari is the toddler of singer Billy Crawford and actress Coleen Garcia. He is turning four years old soon and he is definitely a social media darling with his charming videos shared by his parents.

With almost four years of having just Amari in their lives, are they planning to give him a sibling soon?

In an interview, Coleen answered this and said that she is ready but not real soon. According to her, she just got back on show business and they already have created a routine already out of the situation that they are currently in.

“I feel, like, sobrang in harmony na yung lives namin. Lahat, lahat na nangyayari ngayon. Parang sobrang kuha ko na yung rhythm ko na ngayon,” she said. Although she doesn’t see anything wrong with it, if it happens that she gets pregnant again, she’ll have to learn everything once again.

And they’ll be blessed again, she quipped, “Pero siguro, one na lang.”

Meanwhile, in a previous article, her husband Billy’s condition in a viral video raised concern among the people online. But as per Coleen’s statement, one major change that just happened with her husband is his weight loss. The other concerns such as the black circles in his eyes and his hair loss were just normal and people who them personally can attest to this.

Previously, Coleen lamented about the expectation versus reality of her life as mother and a celebrity. She also called out the beauty standard online. She shared her sentiments on one’s appearance on and off cam.

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