POCO’s flagship new product F6 series is officially announced, with comprehensive configuration upgrades. The first global offline launch conference is highly anticipated!

POCO recently announced its first global offline launch event since becoming an independent sub-brand, scheduled for May 23rd in Dubai. This event marks the debut of not only two new flagship smartphones, the POCO F6 Pro and POCO F6, but also the brand’s first-ever tablet, the POCO Pad.

First, let’s take a look at the two new models in the POCO F6 series – POCO F6 Pro and POCO F6. As POCO’s annual flagship series, the F6 series has undergone comprehensive upgrades in terms of performance configuration, screen display, appearance design, imaging system, and battery life.

POCO F6 Pro: The New All-Round Flagship

True Flagship AI Performance

As the latest flagship in the F series, the POCO F6 Pro is equipped with Qualcomm’s current top-tier processor, the Snapdragon 8 Gen 2, and offers a massive 16GB+1TB memory combination, making it unmatched in its price range. The Snapdragon 8 Gen 2 utilizes an advanced 4nm process technology and boasts an AnTuTu benchmark score exceeding 1.6 million, effortlessly handling both daily tasks and demanding games.

Furthermore, the POCO F6 Pro incorporates the new WildBoost 3.0 and LiquidCool Technology 4.0 cooling systems, maximizing chip performance while ensuring long-term stable operation. Additionally, the POCO F6 Pro introduces several AI capabilities for the first time, including AI Photography, AI Album Search, AI Album Editing, and Real-time Subtitles, elevating the intelligent interaction experience.

Flagship Design and Feel

As the latest flagship in the F series, the POCO F6 Pro features a completely upgraded and groundbreaking design. It adopts a visually striking double-sided glass and metal frame design, with a four-curved velvet glass back and a customized glass Deco on the camera module. The overall aesthetic exudes elegance with a touch of boldness.

Notably, the POCO F6 Pro offers two color options: the deep black “Dark Moon” and the pure white “Bright Moon,” catering to both understated and expressive personalities.

Flagship Imaging Breakthrough

The POCO F6 Pro also boasts flagship-level imaging capabilities. It is equipped with the Light Fusion 800 imaging system, a first for POCO. Additionally, the phone supports high-quality lightning-fast continuous shooting, capturing every exciting moment with precision and outperforming competitors in its price range.

Featuring a 1/1.55-inch large sensor, the Light Fusion 800’s imaging capabilities represent a revolutionary improvement over the previous generation, producing exceptionally clear and beautiful photos and videos in daylight and well-lit environments. In nighttime or low-light indoor scenarios, the POCO F6 Pro’s Night Owl algorithm comes into play, capturing clear images even in near-darkness with outstanding brightness and clarity.

Flagship 120W HyperCharge and Large Battery

POCO has always excelled in charging efficiency, and the POCO F6 Pro takes it to the next level with its 120W HyperCharge capability. As one of the highest charging powers available, 120W HyperCharge delivers incredible speed, charging the phone from 0% to over 50% in just 15 minutes and achieving a full charge in 30 minutes. No need to worry about a low battery before heading out; a coffee break’s worth of charging is enough to power your phone for the entire day.

In addition to fast charging, the POCO F6 Pro also boasts a 5000mAh large-capacity battery, ensuring all-day usage. Say goodbye to battery anxiety and enjoy using your phone without limitations.

POCO F6: The New Performance Flagship

Compared to the “all-rounder” nature of the POCO F6 Pro, the POCO F6 is more suited for gamers and performance enthusiasts. Positioned as the new performance flagship, it focuses on top-tier performance and exceptional gaming experiences.

Flagship Chip Arrives: Snapdragon 8s Gen 3 Performance Unveiled

The POCO F6 utilizes the Snapdragon 8s Gen 3 chip, also a high-end Qualcomm flagship processor like the F6 Pro, delivering powerful performance with an AnTuTu benchmark score exceeding 1.53 million, placing it among the top three in the Android camp. Its powerful performance translates to effortless handling of any task, whether it’s gaming, photography, video watching, or work, ensuring ultra-fast response speeds and unlimited enjoyment.

Beyond performance, the F6 also features the upgraded WildBoost 3.0 and LiquidCool Technology 4.0, maximizing the F6’s full potential.In tests with large-scale 3D games, the F6 demonstrates excellent performance scheduling, resulting in both smoother frame rates and lower power consumption. Additionally, for demanding mobile games like Genshin, it achieves the world’s first self-developed software super-resolution, enabling 1.5K ultra-high image quality, a feature unmatched by other phones.

Upgraded 1.5K Screen: A Boon for Visual Enthusiasts

For “visual enthusiasts” who demand exceptional display quality, a 1080P screen may not suffice. The POCO F6’s upgraded 1.5K CrystalRes display offers the perfect solution. As a “sweet spot” display option without compromise, the 1.5K CrystalRes satisfies the demanding requirements of both power efficiency and screen detail.

In practical terms, the 1.5K screen displays text and images with greater clarity, and enabling high image quality in games delivers an unprecedented ultra-clear gaming experience, maximizing immersion.

90W TurboCharge Arrives: Faster Charging, Longer Durability

Worried about running out of battery while on the go? No need to fret! The POCO F6 is your reliable companion. It boasts a built-in 5000mAh large battery, and combined with the Snapdragon 8s Gen 3’s ultra-low power consumption, it easily lasts a full day, eliminating the need to carry a power bank.

Long-lasting battery life and even faster charging! The POCO F6 features the new 90W TurboCharge technology. If you suddenly find your phone’s battery running low before heading out, just 10 minutes of charging will revitalize your phone, ensuring a worry-free departure.

POCO Pad: Immersive Entertainment on a Large Screen

As POCO’s first tablet, the POCO Pad has generated significant anticipation. POCO positions it as a large-screen entertainment device, and its configuration reflects this focus with numerous highlights.

Lightweight and Ultra-Large Screen: Immersive Entertainment Enhanced

The POCO Pad’s first impression is its lightness, making it effortless to hold with one hand. Additionally, it comes in two color options, boasting outstanding overall aesthetics and a combination of beauty and portability.

As a tablet focused on large-screen entertainment, the POCO Pad features a 12.1-inch ultra-large screen with a 2.5K resolution, delivering a stunning visual experience. Coupled with the device’s true quad speakers providing immersive stereo sound, both large-screen gaming and video viewing become truly captivating.

Furthermore, the screen boasts a 120Hz refresh rate and eye protection features, ensuring smooth and comfortable viewing even during extended use.

Powerful Chip and Large Memory: Unrestricted Enjoyment

The POCO Pad doesn’t compromise on crucial performance aspects. For the chip, it utilizes a 4nm Snapdragon 7s Gen 2 chip, Compared to other tablets in the same price range, its performance is exceptionally strong.

Additionally, catering to users who enjoy entertainment, the POCO Pad comes equipped with 8+256GB of large storage space, allowing for the installation of various apps and games, as well as downloading movies and videos. If that’s not enough, you can expand the storage further with a Micro SD card to accommodate even more files.

Enjoy unrestricted video streaming on the go with the POCO Pad’s 10000mAh ultra-large battery and 33W fast charging, eliminating battery anxiety and enabling endless enjoyment.

Hyper OS: Efficient for Both Work and Entertainment

If you occasionally require light office work, the POCO Pad can easily boost your productivity. Especially for POCO phone users, the new Hyper OS system enables seamless interconnection between POCO phones and the tablet. You can operate your phone from the tablet, and the clipboard, files, and other elements can be shared seamlessly between the two devices, breaking down barriers between multiple devices and maximizing efficiency.

Of course, POCO has also designed the dedicated POCO Pen and POCO Keyboard, which can be purchased separately if you need to draw or type for work, further enriching the POCO Pad experience.


Overall, the three new products, including the POCO F6 series phones and the POCO Pad, offer impressive configurations. As a brand known for its exceptional value, POCO’s pricing is also very attractive. It is rumored that the POCO F6 Pro will be priced under $600, while the POCO F6 will be priced under $400. Considering their high-end specifications, the price-performance ratio is truly remarkable!

So, if you’re planning to upgrade your phone or tablet soon, be sure to keep an eye on POCO’s upcoming new releases. On May 23rd, POCO will hold a global launch event in Dubai, where they will announce more product details and pricing. Stay tuned if you’re interested!

What do you think of the price-performance ratio of the POCO F6 series and POCO Pad? Which new product do you like the most? What are your expected prices for POCO’s three new products? Share your thoughts and discussions in the comments below!

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