Bea Alonzo Instagram – Actress Takes Down Photos With Dominic Roque

BEA ALONZO INSTAGRAM – The Kapuso actress is making rounds online as amid the reconciliation rumors, she did this. Netizens recently noticed that the actress took down the photos with Dominic Roque amid rumors of the rekindled romance. To recall, they called off their wedding two months ago without disclosing the reason behind it.

Bea Alonzo Deletes Photos With Dominic Amid Reconciliation Rumors

A sign that Dominic Roque and Bea Alonzo have not reconciled?

Kapuso actress Bea Alonzo deleted the photos with Dominic Roque on Instagram amid the rekindled romance speculations.

One of the celebrity couples we used to admire is BeaDom – Bea Alonzo and Dominic Roque. We were a witness as to how their friendship bloomed into a romantic relationship. We were also witnesses to how beautiful their relationship was.

Last year, Bea and Dominic got engaged – a much-awaited event in the life of the actress. However, months after this happening, the actress was spotted without the engagement ring on several occasions and that was how the speculations about their split was ignited.

Bea and Dom’s split was heard first from Boy Abunda and a week after that, they released a joint statement confirming this. Many are still rooting for them to get back together and hopes were raised when in many instances, Bea’s photo was spotted in the phone wallpaper of the actor.

The Kapuso actress remained in his wallpaper 2 months after their wedding was called off. If they did not break up, they are supposed to tie the knot this year.

To recall, fans have kept their hopes up over the reconciliation after a source of Ogie Diaz claimed that Dominic waited outside Bea’s house in his car for several nights after breaking off their engagement.

Along this hope for a rekindled romance are the rumors about them officially together again, however, this was recently dispelled when the Kapuso actress did this.

Spotted just recently was the Instagram account of the actress no longer featuring the photos with Dominic. Did she delete them or put them on archived? No one knows but this saddened a lot as this seems to be an indication that they are still not together.

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