Bea Alonzo, Dominic Roque Engagement: Actress Shares Story

In an Instagram post, Bea Alonzo announced her engagement to Dominic Roque.

BEA ALONZO – Celebrities Bea Alonzo and Dominic Roque are now engaged and here’s a story of how it all romantically happened.

In the past few months, couple Bea Alonzo and Dominic Roque were hounded with persistent questions about their engagement. As much as we all, famous celebrities would always delay the announcement of things like this in their lives and they would often reason that they wanted to savor the moment privately before making it public.

Bea and Dom were always firm in denying that they are engaged in every interview.

However, it looks like this is not happening anymore. There would be no more denying and this question will finally be put to a stop because Dominic has finally popped the question to her and Bea ecstatically shared the story of this on her Instagram account.

In her Instagram post, Bea shared the black-and-white photos taken from this romantic moment. The proposal happened at Las Casas during the balmy afternoon of July 18. She was doing this photo shoot when her photographer suddenly asked her to turn around for a photo of her back.

She found this odd but she did it anyway and when she turned around, there was Dom in front of her with the box containing the ring offering it to her.

The actress noted the ugly cry she made stating that of the many proposal scenes she did for her previous projects, it did not beat the real one that she just experienced.

She shared, “I have been doing it all wrong! Hahaha, Dom said his speech, and it’s like time stood still. Everything went in slow motion. And I felt different emotions all at the same time—joy, excitement, love. I started bawling (swipe to see my ugly cry 🤣), But I didn’t want that moment to end. I want this real thing to happen forever… and right then there… In front of the people we love… we decided on forever.”

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