Science Main Branches and the Study of Each — A GUIDE

SCIENCE MAIN BRANCHES – Discussed here are the major branches of Science and the specific study of each branch.

Science has a wide scope of study for the students and even if you think you already know a lot, there is so much more knowledge left to be discovered. In fact, there several Science main branches apart from the sub-branches and each has their own specific study that sets them apart from the other branches.

4 Main Branches of Science & their Studies — A Guide for Students

Discussions about the Main Branches of Science & their Studies

MAIN BRANCHES OF SCIENCE – Here is a guide for students on the studies of biology, chemistry, physical science, and Earth science.

Science is one of the subjects that is taught from pre-school to college. Are you one of the people who loves learning about the topics under this subject? Surely, there are countless Science lovers out there.

Main Branches of Science
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The discussions in Science are organized based on the level of difficulty that suits a learner based on his/her learning capacity at a time. The topics in this subject includes the study of body parts, the Earth, the natural environment, the chemicals, the animals, and a lot more.

However, while the aforementioned topics were all part of the discussion in Science, they are under the different branches of Science. There are four (4) main branches of this study — the Biology, Chemistry, Physical Science, and Earth Science which you can check below.

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Biology is the study of life and living organisms. The term came from the Greek word “bios” which means “life” and “logos” which means “study”. It has four (4) main types such as the botany, human biology, microbiology, and zoology,

  • Botany – the study of plants
  • Human Biology – the study of human beings
  • Microbiology – the study of microscopic organisms and their interactions with other living things
  • Zoology – the study of animals

Although botany, human biology, microbiology, and zoology are the main branches of the science of life, there are several branches of Biology which deals with different studies.


Also one of the main branches of Science is Chemistry which is the study of properties and behavior of matter as well as the properties, composition, and structure of substances.

There are five (5) branches of Chemistry which you may visit to check their study on the cited link:

  • Organic Chemistry
  • Inorganic Chemistry
  • Analytical Chemistry
  • Physical Chemistry
  • Biochemistry.

Physical Science

Physical Science is the study of non-living systems. There are several branches of Physical Science such as the following which you can check on the cited link.

  • Physics
  • Astronomy
  • Chemistry
  • Earth Science

Earth Science

Another one of the main branches of Science is the Earth Science. Also called the Geoscience, it is the study of the natural science including the four (4) spheres of the Earth such as the biosphere, hydrosphere, atmosphere, and geosphere.

There are four (4) main branches of Earth Science which you may also check on the cited link:

  • Geology
  • Meteorology
  • Oceanography
  • Astronomy

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