Dennis Padilla Shares What Joshua Garcia Did That Gerald Anderson Did Not Do Yet

This is what Dennis Padilla shared about Joshua Garcia and Gerald Anderson.

Actor-comedian Dennis Padilla has this revelation about the ex-boyfriend and present boyfriend of his daughter Julia Barretto.

Kapamilya actor Joshua Garcia and actress Julia Barretto were formerly a love team. They were also a couple in real life but their relationship did not work out. When they separated in real life, their love team also disbanded.

Years after their split, Barretto confirmed her relationship with Gerald Anderson. This was after the issue about being the third party died down.

Recently, in an interview, Barretto’s father, Dennis Padilla, spoke about his daughter’s relationship. He revealed that he and Anderson have not talked man-to-man yet despite the fact that they’ve been together for many year already.

He may have not talked to him yet but he is convinced that the actor loves his daughter. What he just hoped for was that he could walk her down the aisle. If this is not happening, the least that he wants is to be invited and to witness the wedding of his daughter.

What’s the difference between the past and the present?

According to him, there’s one thing Garcia has done that Anderson has not yet and that is having a man-to-man talk with him. He promised to find a way to talk to him but many years have passed already and still it did not happen.

He shared, “Kay Gerald, one time, nakasama ni Gerald si Andrew. Sabi ni Andrew sa kanya, sabi niya, ‘Ge, you talk to your Tito Dennis.’ Tapos sabi niya yes I will find a way to talk to Tito Dennis. Hindi nangyari.”

Meanwhile, in a previous article, Dennis shared that Julia messaged him on his birthday. It was the best birthday gift for him. He was both emotional and overjoyed because after years, she finally did it for him.

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