UMID ID — Its Benefits and Uses, Requirements & How To Apply

Guide on UMID ID Benefits and Uses for the Cardholders

UMID ID – Here is a guide on the benefits and uses of the government-issued Unified Multi-purpose ID card and the requirements to apply.

In the Philippines and even in other countries, valid IDs are among the most important and useful documents that a person can hold. They are usually part of the requirements in many sorts of legal transactions for the purpose of establishing the identity of a person.

Valid IDs Philippines
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You need a valid ID in applying for a loan, in purchasing a residential property, in getting a car, in processing a passport, etc. Undeniably, in a lot of cases, you will need a valid ID even if what you are applying for is also an identification document.

One of the valid IDs that you can get is the Unified Multi-purpose ID card — that is if you are a member of the Social Security System (SSS) with at least one (1) monthly contribution posted. The card is more popularly called UMID ID.

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You can get the Unified Multi-purpose ID card if you are a member of the Government Service Insurance System (GSIS), the Social Security System (SSS), the PhilHealth, or the Pag-IBIG Fund. It is a unified ID that you can use in any of the aforementioned agencies.

There are a lot of benefits and uses of a UMID ID. Here are where some of those that the cardholder can use it for:

Former and current employees of the government can use the UMID card for all transactions with the state-run social insurance institution including the application for the GSIS loans and the claiming of the GSIS benefits and all other services.

The UMID ID has the same use for the members of the Social Security System. The SSS members which are composed of locally-employed individuals in the private sector, self-employed individuals, overseas Filipino workers (OFWs), kasambahays, and voluntary members can use the card in availing the offers of the state-run social insurance institution. These offers include the SSS loans and the SSS benefits.

PhilHealth recognizes the UMID card as a valid identification document in availing the health packages and claims for members. It can help present the record of your contributions for eligibility to the claim application.

The Pag-IBIG Fund has its own set of loans and financial services offers for its members. The said offers can be accessed using the UMID ID as the proof of identity of the member.

Do you wish to apply for the card? There are some documentary requirements that you need to prepare to apply for the UMID ID to be able to access its benefits and uses.

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