Dominic Roque Releases Statement Over Controversial Claims Of Cristy Fermin

Actor Dominic Roque finally broke his silence.

In an official statement, actor Dominic Roque lambasted Cristy Fermin’s claims she made through her social media vlogs.

Following the broken engagement of Bea Alonzo and Dominic Roque, several issues, rumors, and speculations emerged only and many were directed at the actor. Among the big accusations made against him stemmed from their distant status.

There were issues about Dominic’s gender to which was recently addressed by politicians Bullet Jalosjos and Bong Suntay. They were the allegedly associated with him after the blind item about his condominium unit erupted.

Mayor Bullet even laughed after being accused as Dominic’s “sugar daddy”.

In the statement released by lawyers at the Fernandez & Singson Law Offices, Dominic addressed the issues and accusations thrown at him one by one. He clearly addressed the claims of Cristy Fermin, the ones she spread through her online vlogs.

The statements were accordingly defamatory “under the guise of entertainment news without any effort from her to confirm” the claims she made. As for the issues about the condo, he clarified that he is just leasing the unit owned by Mayor Jalosjos. The actors feels embarrassed about this and apologized to the politician.

As for the rumors dragging former Congressman Bong Suntay, Roque expressed apology to him and to his family “for the embarrassment caused by the deplorable innuendos made by Ms. Fermin”.

He also clarified about the gas station rumors. Accordingly, he does not own one as Clean Fuel gas stations are company-owned.

Read the full statement below:

While Roque acknowledged what comes with being a celebrity such as becoming the subject of public discussion, Fermin, on the other hand, accordingly crossed the line. She “acted outside the bounds of protected free speech and intentionally caused damage to the integrity and honor of the affected individuals”.

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