Delivery Rider Found Sleeping on Roadside Due to Exhaustion

Hardworking Delivery Rider Fell Asleep on Roadside Due to Exhaustion

A delivery rider who was found sleeping on the roadside due to extreme exhaustion touched the hearts of the online community.

Mark Reilan Aramil Gomez, a Facebook user, shared the heartbreaking photos of a delivery rider caught sleeping by the roadside due to extreme fatigue. The post quickly went viral, eliciting various reactions online.

The photo captures the rider lying on the roadside, with his motorcycle parked nearby as he takes a much-needed rest.

Delivery Rider

Gomez encountered the rider this morning before heading to work. He initially mistook the rider for being intoxicated but later realized that the exhaustion from his work had driven him to rest on the roadside.

The Lalamove employee expressed his admiration and empathy for the rider, acknowledging the relentless effort required in the delivery rider profession. Gomez even bought him a cup of coffee and bread.

The post shows the hard task and the toll it takes on the physical and mental well-being of delivery riders. They often work long hours, battling traffic, inclement weather conditions, and tight delivery schedules to fulfill orders quickly.

Delivery Rider

In the current economy, delivery riders are essential because they make it easier for products and services to be delivered to customers’ doorsteps, particularly in considering the growth of e-commerce platforms and online shopping trends.

But occasionally, the risks they take while driving and the demanding nature of their work overshadow their accomplishments.

Delivery Rider

Here is the full post:

“Kaning umaga bago ako pumasok sa trabaho. May natutulog na lalamove driver sa labas ng store namen. . Akala ko lasing or what. Yun pala sa sobrang pagod. Salute sayo idol.pasensya kana kape at tinapay lang naibigay ko sayo. Naging delivery rider din ako, kaya ramdam ko pagod mo. Rs palagi. Hanga ako sa sipag mo idol ingat palagi”

In a similar post, a delivery rider helps 2 street dwellers “gutom nako, pero mas gutom kayo”

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