Bea Alonzo and Dominic Roque Prenup: Actor Reveals Truth

Here’s the statement addressing the Bea Alonzo and Dominic Roque prenup issue.

BEA ALONZO AND DOMINIC ROQUE have broken up and here’s the statement from the actor addressing the prenup rumors.

King Of Talk Boy Abunda confirmed BeaDom’s split in one of the episode of his Kapuso show Fast Talk With Boy Abunda. He was also surprised with this news and added that the actress already returned the engagement ring to the actor.

To recall, Bea and Dom’s engagement took place at the Las Casas Filipinas de Acuzar in Quezon City in July 2023. They have been together since 2021 and the incidents that showed Bea without the engagement ring added fire to the speculations.

After the confirmation from Abunda, the official statement of Bea and Dominic followed. The former couple confirmed their split after roughly seven months into the engagement. They did not give details as to what transpired that led them to separation.

Recently, amid the intense speculations and accusations against the actor, he released a statement which contained his explanations about the stories circulating online.

A part of the official statement of Dominic addressed the prenuptial issues. Cristy Fermin made defamatory claims from their split and crossed the line in sharing stories on her platform in the guise of sharing it as entertainment news without furthering into confirming the claims.

About prenuptial agreement

In the statement, Roque strongly denied that he and her former girlfriend encountered a disagreement regarding this matter.

“Reckless statements relating to the alleged disagreement over a pre-nuptial agreement between them are not only unverified but merely based on speculations intended to produce a negative image on the parties concerned.”

The statement was released by lawyers at the Fernandez & Singson Law Offices.

Dominic Roque Statement

In the same statement, the actor also addressed the speculations about the high-end condominium he’s renting owned by a male politician, the rumors about his benefactor, and about owning a gas station from the brand he endorses.

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