Netizen Shares Conversation with Delivery Rider: “Ginawa pa akong ina”

Lady Netizen Shares Humorous Conversation with Delivery Rider

CUSTOMER – A netizen shared a screenshot of her conversation with a delivery rider, saying, “Ginawa pa akong ina.”

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Lady Netizen

Recently, a Twitter/X user shuahonglyfan shared a screenshot of their chat with the delivery rider. The post quickly went viral on social media, sparking a variety of reactions online.

According to Tri, she was inquiring about the shipping fee when the rider accidentally made a typing error.

Tri is a regular customer, and she usually talks to the regular office staff. When she was asking him last night about how much she owed for yesterday’s pick-up, she thought that the rider pressed the wrong key, so I just went along with it.

Lady Netizen

I’m a regular customer na po and si sir po talaga yung regular office staff na kausap ko. When I was asking him last night kung magkano yung dues ko for yesterday’s pick up, namali ata siya ng pindot sa keyboard so sinakyan ko nalang,” Tri said.

The post has a caption:

“etong kuya j&t ginawa pa akong ina”

In another story, a delivery rider after receiving customer’s request: “naging pokemon trainer pa bigla”

The social media users expressed their reactions to the post:

The exchange between Tri and the delivery rider shows how simple moments of misunderstanding can lead to humorous interactions. The post reminds us to appreciate the human side of online transactions and to find humor in unexpected situations.

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