Delivery Rider After Receiving Customer’s Request: “naging pokemon trainer pa bigla”

Delivery Rider Goes Viral Online After Sharing Customer’s Request

A delivery rider expresses his reactions after receiving a customer’s unconventional request “naging pokemon trainer pa bigla.”

Nowadays, delivery riders often encounter various requests from customers such as asking for extra ketchup, while others request for specific packaging.

Recently, Tsuyoshi Fujii, a Facebook user, shared a screenshot of his customer’s unusual request. The post immediately spread like wildfire online and garnered various reactions from internet users.

Delivery Rider

The rider had a rather unexpected experience while checking his orders. He stumbled upon a booking request that asked him to feed a chicken. The customer asked him to feed a chicken instead of his delivery service.

Fujii did receive the unusual booking request but decided not to accept it. In his line of work as a delivery rider, his primary responsibility is to deliver orders from restaurants to customers. Feeding chickens wasn’t part of the job description, but he had a good laugh about it.

Natanggap ko ang booking na ’to pero hindi ko kinuha, natawa syempre kase ang trabaho namen is delivery rider. Hindi ko po pinakain ang manok since hindi ko naman po inaaccept ang booking nayan pumasok sa acc ko,” he said.

Delivery Rider

His witty response to this unconventional food request didn’t stop at declining it. He also couldn’t resist making a humorous comparison between his delivery rider role and the Pokémon Trainers.

The delivery worker’s post about the bizarre request quickly caught the attention of netizens, who couldn’t help but share their own thoughts and humorous comments.

Tsuyoshi’s story reminds us that the best way to handle an unusual request is with a smile and a sense of humor.

In a similar story, a delivery rider shares funny encounter w/ customer

The post has a caption:

“Yun oh naging pokemon trainer pa bigla”

The social media users expressed their reactions to this customer’s unconventional request:

Delivery Rider

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