Heart Evangelista Emotional While Talking About Being Ready To Be A Mom

Fashion icon Heart Evangelista tears up while talking about this.

Kapuso actress Heart Evangelista was asked about being a mother and became emotional when she made this response.

Famous actress and fashion icon, Heart Evangelista has been married to Sen. Chiz Escudero since 2015. In 2018, she got pregnant with twin babies but they lost both of them in a miscarriage.

After this painful experience, she had a phase in her life when she got afraid of getting pregnant but to only realize later on how badly she wanted it.

In an interview, she expressed that she didn’t know if she would be a mom again but in 2022, Heart undergone in vitro fertilization (IVF). It was a very difficult and painful journey but she endured.

Recently, at an event she was asked again about having a baby and motherhood and just the mere mention of this matter tugged strings in her heart instantly making her tear up and feel emotional.

At that moment, she did not hesitate to bare her desire to become a mother and she feels that now is the perfect time for this. She’s ready to become a mother now more than ever.

She was asked when she would throw a lavish party and her answer was: “I will throw a lavish party for… If I had a baby.”

Heart added, “It makes sense now. I feel like if there is any moment that I should be blessed with a baby, it should be now.”

That is because she is ready now and is able to give more, tell more, share more wisdom. She questioned herself before but looking back to all the hardships she went through alone, it all make sense and those readied her to be a mother.

“Because I feel like I’m ready as a person and I would be able to give more, because I’ll be able to tell her more and share more wisdom,” she quipped.

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