JK Labajo New Girlfriend: Is It MUPH Cavite Dia Mate?

JK Labajo and Dia Mate are together as a couple?

Singer-songwriter JK Labajo is being linked to Miss Universe Philippines-Cavite Dia Mate because of a recent social media post.

JK has been single for a while after her breakup with model-actress Maureen Wroblewitz. They confirmed their breakup in June 2022. Although they are not generous in sharing their relationship on social media, their breakup became the talk of the town for quite some time.

Previously, JK revealed that due to the breakup, he was able to write 70 songs. He recently admitted that his viral song Ere was inspired by what happened between him and Maureen.

jk labajo
📷: @jklabajo_official IG

Before 2022 ended, Maureen Wroblewitz was linked to a guy she was with in photos. With this, it was rumored that she has a new boyfriend. It was just in July last year when she showed the face of her new boyfriend and netizens commented that he looks like JK Labajo.

Just recently, JK caught the attention of many netizens because of what he reposted on his Instagram Story. He reshared a post from Dia Mate.

To may light and my happiness, Happy birthday love [red heart emoji]. May you receive everything you deserve in this lifetime. I love you!” the beauty queen wrote in the caption of her post featuring a photo of JK.

When JK reposted this, he wrote, “Love you bb!!!” and included a face with three hearts emoji and a red heart emoji.

jk labajo post
📷: via FP

On a popular showbiz site, a video was also shared showing that JK was playing the guitar while Dia was sitting on the floor in front of him and she was singing along.

jk labajo dia mate
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Netizens have different reactions to this. A netizen commented that back in November last year, JK Labajo already said in a podcast that he has a new girlfriend.

📷: via FP

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