JK Labajo Touching Message For Maureen As They Confirm Their Split

Musician JK Labajo and girlfriend Maureen Wroblewitz revealed that they’ve parted ways.

JK LABAJO – Singer and songwriter Juan Carlos Labajo and model Maureen Wroblewitz break up and here’s a statement from the musician.

After many years of being together, musician JK Labajo and girlfriend Maureen Wroblewitz called it quits. From “magka-ibigan” to “matalik na kaibigan”, Labajo confirmed their split but assured Maureen that she will always be his “buwan”, the same term he used to title the song he made for her.


It seems like the “tsismis” is true. 2022 is indeed the year of breakups. Sad but really, some have to make such a decision not because they lost the love but for their own respective growth. Some breakups are not because of cheating or anything, some do this because they see things better that way.


On Maureen’s IG, she also had a cryptic message saying: “some things come to an end and that’s okay. but now it’s time for us to grow on our own.”

And in the comment section, Juan Karlos penned a message that touched a lot of hearts. It seems like they’ve broken up on good terms. JK expressed that he’s the luckiest for having been able to spend the past few years of his life with her.

But he added that in his message that both of them are still young. They both believe that they still need to learn a lot more to grow and he would love to see her achieve her dreams. They will do it but they have to do it apart.


He wrote “Dankëschon, Ich liebe dich and auf wiedersehen” which means I love you, thank you and goodbye.

Here’s the full touching message of JK in this post of Maureen:

I am the luckiest person in the world to have spent the past years of my life with you and I wouldn’t choose anybody else to have spend those years with. You’ve taught me so much and I have learned, I am learning, and I will learn more. We are both so young and we have to enjoy ourselves. I want to see you succeed. I love seeing you achieve your dreams. You will. We will. Here’s to growth and love for ourselves. For there is no greater love than self-love. Dankëschon, Ich liebe dich and auf wiedersehen. ❤️

JK Labajo


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