Authorities Seized Gov’t ID & License From Arrested Taiwanese Suspect

Arrested Taiwanese Suspect Caught with Fake IDs, Including Nurse and Chemical Engineer Licenses

The authorities recovered government-issued identification and license cards from an arrested Taiwanese suspect.

Earlier this week, a Taiwanese national was arrested over an alleged fraud hub. The cops confiscated government-issued identification and license cards carrying the photos of suspects under various Filipino names.

Among the recovered items, one suspect owned a Professional Regulation Commission license card as a registered nurse, while another held credentials as a chemical engineer. Additionally, driver’s licenses, voters’ IDs, postal IDs, and UMID cards were among the items recovered from the suspects.

Arrested Taiwanese Suspect

Department of Justice spokesperson Mico Clavano said these IDs looked convincingly valid, which likely helped the suspects in their deceitful scheme when presenting them to authorities or institutions.

Mukha talaga siyang valid actually. Kaya siguro ginamit nila ito at siguro gumana siya when presenting it to certain people,” Clavano said.

The Justice Department has launched an investigation into the origins of these IDs to determine how they were obtained. Furthermore, officials are looking into any links between this incident and the alleged granting of pre-arranged employment (9G) visas to fake organizations.

Arrested Taiwanese Suspect

“It’s been a trend na gumagawa sila ng mga new identities pag dating nila dito sa Philippines. Ang tinitignan ho natin ditong rason is they’re really trying to avoid detection,” he explained.

The investigation aims to identify the masterminds behind these syndicated groups. The agency is aware that such operations cannot be carried out without a backer.

Previously, 2 individuals arrested in Tondo for allegedly selling fake PWD ids

“This will probably go into finding out kung sino talaga ang nag papalikod ng mga sindikato. Kasi alam naman natin na itong mga ito, hindi nila magagawa ito kung wala silang backer or walang nag papalikod sa mga to,” he added.

The incident serves as a reminder of the vigilance needed to fight theft and fraud, particularly in sensitive sectors like healthcare and engineering where public safety and trust are paramount.

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