Teacher Accidentally Pokes Grade 5 Student’s Head w/ Pen

Grade 5 Student Injured as Teacher Accidentally Pokes Head with Pen

A teacher in Sagay, Negros Occidental accidentally poked the head of a grade five student during a reading session.

Teachers introduce us to new subjects, help us understand difficult concepts, and encourage us to explore the world of knowledge. They work hard to create a safe and inclusive environment in the classroom as well as making sure everyone feels welcome and respected.

Last Wednesday (January 17, 2024), a 10-year-old girl sustained an injury to her head after her teacher accidentally poked her with a pen while teaching inside a classroom at an elementary school.


The incident happened when the teacher was teaching the student to read a Filipino or Tagalog passage. The teacher became frustrated as the student struggled with reading and suddenly poked the child’s head with a pen, according to the child’s grandmother.

The injury caused bleeding on the child’s head, staining her white shirt. Initially, the teacher attempted to apply alcohol to the wound and apologized to the student. The child did not immediately report the incident due to fear, but her parent later learned about it from the grandmother.

The concerned grandmother confronted the educator, seeking an explanation for why such an action was taken against her grandchild. The teacher admitted to the act, explaining that it was done in frustration and claimed it was not meant to cause harm.


However, the child’s parents are determined to file a complaint against the teacher, and the family has undergone a medical-legal examination, documented the incident with the police, and reported it to the barangay.

The family has also brought the matter to the attention of the Department of Education (DepEd) in Sagay for further investigation.


The Sagay City PNP-Womens and Children Protection Desk affirmed that the teacher may face both criminal and administrative charges for her actions against the child.

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