Xander Ford Shares Thoughts on Christmas & Gifts: “Hindi siguro para sa amin yung Pasko”

Internet Sensation Xander Ford on Christmas & Gifts: “Dina kami Namasko sa mga Ninong/Ninang

XANDER FORD – The internet sensation made buzz online after sharing his thoughts on Christmas and gifts “Hindi siguro para sa amin yung Pasko”.

Marlou Arizala known as Xander Ford recently opened up about his feelings regarding Christmas gifts or “aginaldo.” In a heartfelt message, he explained why his family decided not to go around asking for gifts from godparents (“ninong” and “ninang”) last holiday season.

The celebrity shared that they chose not to visit their godparents for Christmas gifts this year. He expressed that they made this decision to avoid being judged or thought of as overly focused on receiving gifts.

Xander Ford

According to him, some people may misunderstand and think they are only interested in getting money. Instead of going for the traditional Christmas custom of asking for gifts, Xander suggested that a beautiful gift would be for the whole family to spend time together.

He expressed the idea that perhaps Christmas and receiving gifts aren’t meant for everyone. For him and his family, what matters most is the three of them being together. This is the best gift they could have for the rest of their lives.

He believes that this kind of “aginaldo” is more meaningful and valuable to them.

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Xander Ford

Here is the full post:

“Dina kami Namasko sa mga Ninong/Ninang Kasi pag sa ibang vloger ok lang silang humingi ng aginaldo pero pag sa amin mukang pera mahirap walang wala, Hindi siguro para sa amin yung Pasko at Aginaldo Ito nalang ang meron kami Ang mag kakasamang tatlo Ito yung maganda Aginaldo sa buong buhay namin.”

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