Christmas Colors & their Meaning — Here’s What Many People Yet To Know

Guide on Christmas Colors & the Meaning of Each

CHRISTMAS COLORS & MEANING – Here are the meaning of the different colors in celebrating the Christmas season.

Are you one of the people who love to really prepare for the Christmas celebration? Many individuals love to organize Christmas parties, buy gifts for their loved ones, and prepare food. These are apart from playing the best Pinoy Christmas songs everday.

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Most often, Christmas parties that go left and right come with themes or motif. Are you planning to choose one of the Christmas colors?

There are colors that are highly-associated with the holiday season. Below, you can check these colors that you may choose from for your theme as well as the meaning behind each of the colors.

Christmas Colors
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Undeniably, among the many Christmas colors, the most popular is red aside from green. This hue is greatly associated with the holiday season and it symbolizes the blood of Jesus Christ, the Saviour whose birth we celebrate for Christmas. It symbolizes love, romance, and courage.

Aside from red, another popular hue greatly linked to Christmas is the color green. It symbolizes money, health, and good luck. Aside from Christmas, this color is also often associated with nature and life.


Based on an article on Reader’s Digest, the white color in Christmas represents purity and the victory of good over bad. A lot of homes love to have a “white Christmas” from time to time.

Also one of the Christmas colors usually used in party themes is gold. It is a color associated to the sun and the Son of God as well as the gifts of the three Wise Men. It signifies prosperity, wealth, and glamour.

Purple is the main color of Advent. While it is not used as often as the other colors, it is one of the colors associated with the celebration of the Nativity of Jesus. It symbolizes luxury, a sense of magic, and royalty.

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