Sharon Cuneta Says She “Should Have Stayed Alone” After 1st Marriage Failed

This is the reason why Sharon Cuneta said this.

In an interview with Boy Abunda, Megastar Sharon Cuneta reveals why she has thoughts like this years after her first marriage failed.

Emotional during her “Fast Talk With Boy Abunda” is Megastar Sharon Cuneta when she talked about her children. She opened up about her regrets about not keeping her marriage with her first husband Gabby Concepcion.

As much as we all know, she has quite a rough relationship with her eldest KC Concepcion and although not publicized, there’s a conflict her family is currently going through.

In the interview, she talked about her reunion with Gabby and KC. It hurts her up until now to know that they lost so much. They could have stayed as a family but things happened. It still “pinches” her a lot because the material things provided can never fill a child’s desire to be with parents who are together.

“Maybe I should have stayed alone…”

She also opened up about her thoughts about staying alone and single after her first marriage fell apart. She has this thought because her children are being dragged into her “complicated life”.

“Maybe I should have stayed alone because parang nagdamay ako ng apat na kaluluwang inosente KC, Frankie, Miel, and Miguel,” the actress said.

However, if not for her second marriage, she would not have Kakie, Miel, and Miguel but this is another thing. She expressed that her life is complicated and would just get more complicated and she could only wish that her children, whom she loves more than life itself, would be spared given all the complexity based on the interview.

She added that their issues just get bigger and bigger from sibling squabbles and all. She said, “Lumaki nang lumaki imbes na maayos. But no matter what, sana naman bago ako mamatay okay na silang lahat.”

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  1. Great and ideal for them to be back as real family. They are the first family. Besides, no marriage is perfect. But it can be normal one to getting perfect when they all matured and closer to God more faithfully. We all be getting older semeday soon. Just consider all their children to be more accepted as part of the family.


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