Boracay Activities – Things To Do To Have Fun

BORACAY ACTIVITIES – Tourists flock to the island because of many reasons and one of them is these fun water activities to do. Here’s a list of what you must do if you have this adventurous spirit and want a bit of adrenaline on your vacation.

Boracay Water Activities – What To Do On The Island?

Here are some of the fun Boracay water activities that you can do with friends or family.

BORACAY WATER ACTIVITIES – Apart from sightseeing, this well-loved island is also full of adventures, and here are some fun things to do.

Named one of the best beaches in the world is Boracay of the Philippines. The island is included not only in lists of not just one but several prestigious travel magazines and review websites.

First on the list to love about the Boracay Island is the beach. And since it’s the beach, you definitely cannot miss doing some fun water activities with the people you are with, may it be friends or family.

After seeing some of the best Boracay Tourist Spots, here are some fun water activities you must do to enjoy your time on the island.

Boracay Water Activities
Paraw Sailing | Photo from Viaje Royale
  • Boracay Sunset Cruise will let you enjoy all the tropical sights and sounds with the perfect sunset in the background. Some of the highlights of this activity are snorkeling, free use of mermaid tails for photos, free use of kayak and paddleboarding, water tubing, a realizing moment in a hammock, live music, and amazing sunset viewing.
  • Paraw Sailing is a local sailboat activity and it is best to schedule this activity in the afternoon for you to see the amazing sunset while relaxing on a boat for half an hour. Every penny is surely going to be worth it.
  • Parasailing activity is very famous on the island and this is best for those who seek thrill and adventure. This activity will grant a chance to view the island from above while being pulled by a boat.
  • Windsurfing is a combination of sailing and surfing – riding the waves and sailing the strong winds at the same time.
  • Kiteboarding is very well-known on the island. The Boracay Kiteboarding is actually considered the best in Asia because of the location which is in Bulabog Beach.
  • Jet ski is allowed for people who are 18 years old and above. There’s definitely nothing that can beat the adrenaline rush when you ride above the blue water of Boracay.
  • Helmet diving allows people who are 13 years old and above. This is the best way and the nearest you can get to see the vibrant marine life of the island. You will be wearing an oxygen-pumped helmet as you go deep into the abyss to see the fishes and corals up close.
  • A Banana boat ride is also one way to have fun on the island with your group. The loud laughter and the sharp squeals that will fill the surroundings with every curve and speed will make everything about this ride memorable.
  • Fly Fish is the same adrenaline you get when you do the banana boat ride but this time you will be holding on to the inflatable for your dear life.

Bora is a haven for every type of traveler – the adventurous, the chill, and the food-seeker.

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