Eat Bulaga Is Still Used By TAPE As IPO Decision Still Not Final

TAPE will still be using Eat Bulaga and here’s the reason why.

EAT BULAGA – TVJ won in the trademark dispute, however, TAPE will continue using the trademark as per their recent announcement.

TVJ wins over Eat Bulaga trademark case and the trio is thankful for the ruling favoring them. The Intellectual Property Office of the Philippines (IPOPhl) has revoked the trademark registration of Television and Production Exponents, Inc., or TAPE Inc.

This decision was issued on Monday but was publicized on Tuesday.

The public is also happy for the trio as they know how much they have worked to make the trademark their brand. They also established the show which was already established when they left.

The IPOPhl’s decision supports the claims of the trio and the TAPE showed no contradiction in Joey De Leon’s claims in coining the words. Hence, the ruling established them as the rightful proprietors.

However, despite the decision, the TAPE remains using the trademark. This is what they announced just recently and that is because the decision is accordingly not final yet. They will still continue using the trademark for their noontime show as the company appeals the decision of the IPO.

Atty. Maggie Garduque of TAPE expressed that they respect the decision and “follow the procedure” but they still have a grace period of 15 days to appeal.

“As confirmed by the statement released by IPO today, TAPE has a period of 15 days to appeal the decision of the adjudication officer to the Director of the BLA-IPO. Then, appealed decisions may still be appealed to the Director General of IPO within 30 days,” the statement said.

TAPE Statement

One of TAPE’s “Eat Bulaga” hosts Paolo Contis has a statement aired on their December 6 episode. Contis stressed that the fight is still not over yet legally.

Meanwhile, TVJ continues to use “E.A.T.” for their show on TV5 but in the following episode after the decision has been publicized, they freely belted out “E.A.T. … Bulaga!” during the theme song’s chorus.

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