Desperate Man Who Went on 4-Hour Bicycle Trip, Receives E-Bike

Desperate Man Who Went on Bicycle Trip Together w/ His Children Receives Brand New E-Bike

The desperate man who went on a 4-hour bicycle trip together with his children received a brand new e-bike.

A few days ago, a poor man identified as Tatay Romy and his two sons went on a 4-hour bicycle trip to seek assistance from a charitable organization in Manila. Unfortunately, the institution declined their plea.

A young content creator Buji Babiera deeply moved by their plight shared the touching journey of Tatay Romy on his Facebook account. He emphasized that no one, especially children, should endure the deprivation of basic needs.

Desperate Man

Babiera couldn’t ignore the family facing danger cycling over 20 kilometers in desperation for food. He explained that Mabini Bridge is known for being dangerous due to speeding vehicles.

I believe that the best help I can give him is to share their story, hoping that others—especially those with the power to effect change—will recognize the issue and work towards a solution,” Buji said.

The response was incredible, and strangers’ generosity shone through. Donations flooded in, showing the collective compassion of those affected by the family’s struggle. Buji and Tatay Romy considered the best approach to use the money that had been raised.

Desperate Man

Tatay Romy now owns an e-bike, a comfortable and efficient mode of transportation for him and his family. Buji, true to his advocacy for improved mobility in the densely populated area of Metro Manila.

In Tatay Romy’s case, he needed to bike under the extreme heat, for more than 20km because there are no other viable options for him. It proves that we need a decent transportation system — safe, affordable, efficient, and convenient,” he added.

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Desperate Man Desperate Man

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