Intense Altercation of 2 Students in Ilocos Norte Leads to Stabbing Incident

The intense altercation of two students inside of a school campus in Ilocos Norte led to a stabbing incident.

A Grade 9 student reportedly attacked a Grade 8 student during their break time due to a dispute. The victim was promptly rushed to the hospital and is now in stable condition.

Grade 9 Student Stabs Grade 8 Student Inside School Campus

Grade 9 Student Stabs Grade 8 Student During School Altercation in Ilocos Norte

ILOCOS NORTE – A grade 9 student allegedly stabbed a fellow Grade 8 student during break time inside the school campus.

In Dingras, Ilocos Norte, the Grade 9 student reportedly attacked the Grade 8 student due to a dispute between them during break time. The victim was promptly taken to the hospital and is reported to be in stable condition.

Meanwhile, the alleged suspect is undergoing counseling to address the issues contributing to such behavior.

Grade 9 Student

Jesannie Gay-ya, an officer from the Municipal Social Welfare and Development Office in Dingras, stated that an intervention plan has been put in place to monitor the behavior of the student who committed the act.

“Gumawa kami ng intervention plan para ma-monitor ang behavior ng bata. We also advised the parents na tignan mabuti ‘yung anak, ‘yung mga activities,” Gay-ya said.

Parents have also been advised to closely observe their children and their activities. The objective is to provide support and guidance to prevent further incidents of violence.

The administration of Dingras National High School conducted a debriefing session to discuss the incident and its implications. As a preventive measure, the school is planning to invest in a metal detector to enhance security and restrict the entry of bladed weapons into the school campus.

Authorities are actively investigating the root cause of the conflict between the two students to gain a better understanding of the circumstances leading to the violent incident. Identifying the root cause is crucial for implementing effective measures to prevent similar incidents.

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The incident serves as a reminder of the importance of ensuring the safety of students within the school environment. By implementing proactive measures, schools can create a more secure and safe learning environment for all students.

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