Kris Aquino Breaks Up With Mark Leviste Again

A month after reconciling, Kris Aquino and Mark Leviste break up again.

Actress-host Kris Aquino makes a clarification in her post regarding her relationship now with Batangas Vice Governor Mark Leviste.

Last October, in an Instagram post, Kris Aquino revealed that she and Batangas Vice Governor Mark Leviste have reconciled. In the post of Kris about Mark, she wrote:

“We’ve both learned from our mistakes…with God’s help sana tuloy tuloy na yung harmonious and supportive relationship namin. Thank you bimb for helping us realize all the things we needed to repair in order to strengthen our commitment.”

However, a month after this revelation, Kris confirmed that she and the politician have broken up again and this time, she initiated it. In a clarification to the interview of Leviste about Aquino on November, he expressed that they are on a different level.

Kris and Mark are on a different level and at the time of the posting, he shared that they are okay, still together, going strong, and hopes that things will work out for the better. But this was not the case for Aquino, according to her, at the time of the posting, his statements were no longer true.

“A long distance relationship is difficult when undergoing very physically demanding treatments like my methotrexate and my Dupixent,” she said in her post.

She chose to lessen the stressors in her life and prioritize her well-being. In doing so, she initiated the split – “a well thought out decision based on choosing to do what’s best” for her for now.

“I’m dealing with so much and my love life isn’t a priority,” she added.

In the same post, she also shared that her autoimmune diseases are slowly improving and she is slowly getting better. From five, she is now battling against three but one of these three is life threatening. She is thankful for the prayers and asked people to pray for her sisters just as much as how they are praying for her recovery.

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