Janine Gutierrez Intends To Be A Kapamilya Forever

Janine Gutierrez signed a new exclusive contract with ABS-CBN

Actress Janine Gutierrez intended to be a Kapamilya forever as she renewed her exclusive country with her home network ABS-CBN.

It is known to many that Janine started her acting career in GMA. She did many projects as a Kapuso before she decided to be a Kapamilya in 2021 amid the fact that the network no longer has a franchise.

She was immediately given a primetime TV series Marry Me, Marry You with actor Paulo Avelino. With their onscreen chemistry, rumors surfaced that they were in a relationship with each other. This was followed by a murder series Dirty Linen, which showed her versatility.

janine gutierrez
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Just recently, based on the article in Bandera, Janine Gutierrez renewed her contract with ABS-CBN. “I REALLY, really look forward to being a Kapamilya forever!” she said.

She also said that it has been the happiest time for her to have the chance to work with inspiring actors, writers, and creatives, as well as with her fellow Kapamilyas.

When asked about what she thinks is the essence of being a Kapamilya, Janine said, “I think the essence of being a Kapamilya is being there for the people you love through the good and the bad and I think that’s what the heart of ABS-CBN, being a Kapamilya is.”

She also said that she is so happy to be welcomed as a Kapamilya and have the chance to continue to be a Kapamilya.

ABS-CBN Chief Executive Officer Carlo Katigbak also expressed gratitude that Janine Gutierrez chose to remain a Kapamilya. The media executive highlighted the actress’s statement that a Kapamilya is someone who would stick with you through ups and downs, and this is what she did when she chose ABS-CBN amid the franchise issue.

“To me, that’s proof that family stays together no matter what. We’re very, very proud of what you have done here in ABS-CBN, most lately with ‘Dirty Linen,’ we’re very, very proud of what you’ve done for us Janine,” the Kapamilya CEO said.

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