Narcissus and Echo Story in Greek Mythology

Summary of Narcissus and Echo Story in Greek Mythology

NARCISSUS AND ECHO STORY – Here is a summary of the story between the wood nymph and the handsome young man in Greek Mythology.

Literature is an important component in studying and teaching English. That is why it is one of the major subjects for courses that are mainly focused teaching English. Greek Mythology is one of the topics discussed under it.

Greek Mythology
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Greek Mythology bears fictional tales about gods and goddesses, nymphs, titans, and other creatures as well as their interaction with mortal humans. There are tales of love like the Perseus and Andromeda love story and the summary of Orpheus and Eurydice‘s love story.

While there are tales of love, there are also tales of wrath and revenge in Greek Mythology. One of these is the Narcissus and Echo Story.

Narcissus and Echo Story in Greek Mythology
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Echo was a wood nymph who was cursed by gooddess Hera. She cannot speak properly as she repeats the last word spoken to her. Narcissus is a handsome young man whom the wood nymph fell in love with.

One day, Echo was wandering in the mountains when she saw Narcissus. She instantly fell in love with the handsome young man but she had to hide because of the curse of Hera to her making her unable to speak properly. So in love, she kept on hiding and just following Narcissus. She waited for the right moment.

The handsome young man felt that someone was following him. He asked if there is anyone there and the wooden nymph was not able to resist so she replied with the last word of the man which was “here”. It was followed by a confusing conversation between them because of the nymph’s inability to speak properly. He called her out to make love with him.

However, as soon as Echo stepped out, Narcissus told her a painful statement that he would rather face death that be with her. The heartbroken nymph fled to the cave and hid in pain.

Echo lost her appetite for food and water and she grew very thin until she was only dust and her voice. Nemesis, the goddess of revenge, saw what happened to the wood nymph and wants to avenge her.

Nemesis decided to punish Narcissus which is one of the highlights of his story with Echo. He fell in love with his own reflection in a pond near the cave where the nymph hid herself. He never left the pond until he starved to death as he was so in love with his reflection.

Before he died, Narcissus cried out, “Farewell dear boy. Beloved in vain”. Echo repeated his last words.

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