Orpheus and Eurydice Summary of Greek Mythology Tale

Orpheus and Eurydice Summary of Love Story

ORPHEUS AND EURYDICE SUMMARY – Here is a tale of the love story of the greatest lyre player with a beautiful woman in Greek Mythology.

Many people across ages love reading about the Greek Mythology stories. While they are fictional, there are lessons that you can get from the tales of the gods and goddesses, nymphs, demigods, titans, etc.

Greek Mythology
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Greek Mythology is not only filled with stories of victory and defeat for the admiration of the people but also of love stories between gods and goddesses and those that they had with humans.

Aside from the Persephone and Hades love story, another popular love story in Greek Myth was the love story of Orpheus and Eurydice. He had a deep love that was willing to go to the Underworld to have his wife back.

Orpheus and Eurydice
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One of the love stories in Greek Mythology is the great love of Orpheus for his wife, Eurydice. He was the greatest lyre player in the world and he could even charm rocks, rivers, and even strange creatures with his music.

It was also through his music that Orpheus was able to win the heart of the woman who became his wife, Eurydice. However, it was a bittersweet experience for the lovers. Shortly after they got married, she was bitten by a viper snake and she died.

Orpheus could not contain the grief and the longing to be with his wife again. He decided to go to the Underworld and to talk to the god of the realm, Hades, and his wife, Persephone.

It was also his music that made the lyre player pass through Cerberus, a three-headed dog which guards the gates of the Underworld. He also played in front of Hades and Persephone. The couple was moved by his song and allowed him to take his wife back to the earth.

It is where the highlight of the Orpheus and Eurydice summary sets in. Hades set a condition that in order for Orpheus to be able to take Eurydice back with him into the light, he should never glance back until he reaches the exit as his wife follows him.

He was only a few meters away from the light when Orpheus thought that Hades and Persephone may only be tricking him and Eurydice is not actually following him into the light. He glanced back and saw that his wife was actually following him. However, since he did not abide by what he and Hades have agreed on, she fell back into darkness.

Orpheus returned to the light alone and with the deep grief of losing his wife forever. Eurydice will forever be dead in the Underworld.

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