Kris Aquino Slams Mark Leviste When He Posted Photo With “Kuya’s Dad”

This is what Kris Aquino said to Mark Leviste when he commented on her latest post.

Former actress-television host Kris Aquino has this statement to Mark Leviste after he posted a photo with “Kuya’s Dad” online.

In a previous article, Kris Aquino shared a post online updating her fans about her health condition and making clarification on what her real relationship status is.

In the new post of Kris, she shared that there were improvements in her C-reactive protein and E-sedimentation rate. She is also surviving the side effects of methotrexate and biological injectables.

She is praying that in 18 to 20 months, she will have remission, and six months after that, she is hoping to receive her doctors’ clearances to finally go home as it has already been 6 months since she went to the United States for treatment.

Kris also followed her sister’s advice to make her status clear. She clarified: “I AM NOT IN A RELATIONSHIP, we no longer communicate, and my sons and I feel more PEACEFUL.”

That’s all she got to say as she values their privacy.

In the comment section, Mark Leviste left a “Thank you” comment but these two words gained several paragraphs in return. She cried foul at the latter’s social media activity by posting a photo with Kuya’s dad.

As much as we all know, she calls her eldest son “Kuya” and her eldest son’s father is Philip Salvador. She tells Mark, “You know what you’ve done over and over again… you are so aware of what my sisters and I are going through but heck, anything to gain attention.”

According to her, she has asked him for privacy but this seems impossible for him to give.

She added, “Then now, it’s a take 2 with kuya’s dad – we’ve had the bullying in all forms yet someone who got to personally know us had to post unwanted pictures 2X that inadvertently hurt my feelings…”

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