Sunshine Cruz On Negative Comments About Her Age

This is what Sunshine Cruz said about this kind of comments.

Actress-model Sunshine Cruz has this response to those who shower her negative comments because of her age.

46-year-old actress-model Sunshine Cruz is an epitome of what healthy and beautiful aging is. She is fit and healthy and she definitely doesn’t look her age. She is a living proof that age is just a number.

Recently, she was introduced as one of the newest endorsers of a famous clothing brand. Her daughters were already endorsers of it and she’s long dreamed of becoming an endorser herself but she made peace with the fact that it may not be for her because of her age but she was wrong.

She is a mother of three and she continues to break barriers when it comes to the challenges that come with her age. However, being a public figure, what cannot be avoided are the critical comments from people who would always find the wrong in celebrities like them.

As for her, what people found to be her “flaw” is her age. But for Sunshine, she’s always been the proud one of her age. She receives comments like “lola” and “ang tanda mo na” at 46 but comments like these do not affect her at all.

To age gracefully is her goal and she never lied about it.

How does she deal with these comments? According to her, when she gets bored, she playfully responds to them but sometimes, she does the art of “dedma”. She expressed, “Sabi ko nga it’s a blessing. Aging is a blessing. Hindi lahat umaabot sa forty-six or forty-seven na healthy pa rin, syempre it’s a blessing to age.”

Meanwhile, in a previous article, Sunshine talked about her daughters’ accomplishments and she is nothing but a proud and happy mother as she enumerated the things they were able to achieve academically.

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