Pan and Syrinx Summary in Greek Mythology

Guide on Pan and Syrinx Summary of Greek Mythology Tale

PAN AND SYRINX SUMMARY – Here is a summarized version of the Greek Mythology tale about the patron god

Are you one of the people who indulges themselve to Greek Mythology stories? Undeniably, although these stories are work of fiction, they bring a lot of lessons in life. These stories are about gods, goddesses, nymphs, and other creatures.

Greek Mythology
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Most of the stories speak about the adventures of gods and goddesses as well as their magical capabilities and creations. However, not only that, like humans, they also had their love stories.

Greek Mythology lovers are surely familiar about the Persephone and Hades story and also the summary of the love story of eros and psyche. However, while there were great loves, there were also stories of a one-sided love.

Pan and Syrinx Summary in Greek Mythology
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While there were great love stories in Greek Mythology, there is also a one-sided love. It is detailed in the summary of the tale of Pan and Syrinx. He loved her so much while she did all she can to run away from him.

Pan is believed to be the son of the messeger god, Hermes, and a wood nymph. Greek Myth tales state that he was born with sprouting horns in his forehead, a beard of a goat, and a crooked nose. He also had pointed ears and tail and feet of a goat that almost everyone stayed away from him.

Hermes took Pan with him to Mount Olympus. The gods and goddesses were fond of the little one wrapped by the messenger god in a hare skin. He became the favorite of the immortals most especially Dionysus.

Pan grew up and presided the rural occupations. He was the chief of all rural divinities and the Satyrs. He also had wonderful relationships with several nymphs who were dancing and playing music with him. However, there were also nymphs that ran away from him — including his beloved Syrinx.

Syrinx fled to escape Pan who chased her like there’s no other creature he would fall in love with. She transformed into a reed tree so the son of the messenger god will not be able to get her. She hid by the river where there were a lot of reeds and became one of them. It is one of the highlights of the summary of the one-sided love story of Pan and Syrinx.

Desperate to find Syrinx, Pan went down the river and started ripping off every reed until he found her. He ripped her off so her spirit would come out but while he was doing it, he noticed beautiful sounds coming out of the reed pipes. He made a beautiful music and, since then, he never stopped playing flute that made the nymphs dance joyfully.

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