Eros and Psyche Summary of Greek Mythology Tale

Eros and Psyche Summary Highlights of Greek Mythology Love Story

EROS AND PSYCHE SUMMARY – Here is a summarized version of the Greek Mythology tale about the love story of the Greek god of carnal love and a beautiful mortal.

Greek Mythology is one of the most favorite topics of many people most especially those who are into reading. There are countless gods and goddesses in its tales as well as nymphs, titans, demigods, and the creatures against the gods and goddesses.

Greek Mythology
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Greek Mythology is composed of many several tales. These tales bring a moral lesson which make it worthy of reading despite it being fictional.

One of the tales in Greek Myth is about Eros and Psyche. Below, you will see the Eros and Psyche summary of love story.

Eros and Psyche Summary Greek Mythology
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One of the tales about love in Greek Mythology, and so far the most popular, is the love story of Eros and Psyche. She was a beautiful mortal young woman whose beauty was greatly admired by men — even more than how they praised the beauty of goddess Aphrodite.

Because of how intensely men were allured by the beauty of Psyche, Aphrodite felt jealous and asked her son, goddess of carnal love Eros, hit her and the vilest creature on Earth so they would fall in love with each other. Eros got his arrows and heed to Psyche to execute the orders of his mother.

However, when he saw Psyche, Eros himself fell in love with the mortal woman. He refused to lodge the order of Aphrodite. Instead, he remained silent.

On the other side, the parents of Psyche started to get worried. All men admired their daughter’s immense beauty but their admiration were not strong enough to marry her. Her beauty would draw them but they always end up marrying other women. Her parents went to Apollo in Delphi to ask for his guidance.

According to the Oracle, Psyche had to wear a black dress and climb a high mountain alone. Then, a winged serpent would go to her and make her his wife. The beautiful mortal followed the Oracle. She was shaking and crying in the mountain waiting for her husband when the fresh wind of Zephyrus raised her and brought her to a castle’s gates.

At the caste, a sweet voice welcomed Psyche. Eros would often come in the dark to lie with her. They were very happy. She could feel that he’s the loving husband she has always waited for. However, time came when she missed her family.

Eros lovingly allowed Psyche to see her family but warned her not to be convinced by them. Her two (2) sisters were carried by the wind to the place. Upon seeing Psyche living her life like a princess, they felt jealous and told her that her husband is not allowing her to see him because he’s a horrible creature as per the Oracle.

This is where the highlight of the Eros and Psyche summary sets it. Confused, Psyche lit a candle while Eros was asleep beside her. However, after seeing his face, the melted candle dropped on his skin which awakened him. He fled.

Psyche reached out to Aphrodite to ask for her help in finding Eros. The goddess of beauty gave him challenges which the mortal woman surpassed. However, the goddess did not stick to her promises. Meanwhile, the gods of Olympus sent Hermes, the messenger god, to Eros to tell him everything that’s happening.

Touched by what Psyche did for her love for him, Eros returned to his wife. Zeus allowed the mortal woman to drink Ambrosia, the drink of Gods, that immortalized her. They lived happily ever after with Aphrodite also very happy that the people’s admiration of beauty is back to her.

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