China Should Not Be Allowed to Treat Pinoys without Respect

China Calls PH To Remove Grounded Warship amid Its Construction Activities

While the Philippines is looking forward to a diplomatic resolution of the territorial dispute, China is visibly not honoring any entity.

Undeniably, the Philippine government is extra careful in making a move against the aggresive claim of ownership of China over the West Philippine Sea. Visibly, the Chinese government will not give up their claim over the disputed islands. However, it is likely that the assertiveness of China is going beyond measure already.

China Philippines
Photo Credit: Marine Insight

China defended its claim of ownership of the West Philippine Sea with its “nine dash line” rule. However, the 2016 decision of the arbitral tribunal siding the Philippines overrode the said rule — which China still did not recognize for several years now.

Although PH gained a higher ground over the issue with the decision of the arbitral tribunal, still China is assertive that it even built its security apparatus in the disputed island. It even constructed an artificial island on the territory that the tribunal ruled be part of the jurisdiction of the Philippines.

Also, amid the issues that Chinese vessels damaged the coral reefs in the West Philippine Sea, which China denied, the Chinese nation through its foreign ministry called for the Philippines to remove the “illegally grounded warship” if it is really concerned with nature.

Last month, the Chinese government also demanded the removal of the BRP Sierra Madre from Ayungin Shoal. It claimed that PH made a promise — which the Philippine government denied. What is this that China is doing?

Physically, it is defeating PH without a war over the territorial dispute by its continued activities in the West Philippine Sea. Its structures on the disputed island make the battle harder for us. On the grounds of respect, China, I believe, is like treating PH as an underdog with its actions.

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