Woman Trapped Under Bridge in Toril, Davao City Rescued from Raging Lipadas River

Woman Sleeping Under Bridge Gets Trapped Due to Raging Lipadas River

A woman who slept under the bridge in Toril, Davao City was rescued after she was trapped under a bridge due to the raging Lipadas River.

On Saturday afternoon, September 16, 2023, in Toril, Davao City, a woman who had been sleeping under a bridge found herself trapped due to the surging Lipadas River. Quick-thinking Toril residents came to her rescue, braving the heavy downpours that had caused the river to swell.

The incident started when a woman sought shelter under the bridge during a heavy rainfall. However, torrents of water from the Lipadas River surged, pushing the river’s water levels into Code Red territory.


The relentless rain was due to localized thunderstorms, which had engulfed Davao City, causing the river to swell to alarming heights.

The local residents quickly took action after realizing the threat posed by the rising waters. Braving the rain and the swelling river, the helpful residents took decisive measures to save the woman who had sought refuge under the bridge.

The residents managed to toss a rope to the woman and she had tied herself to a rope, desperately trying to withstand the powerful currents. With their combined strength, they pulled her out from under the bridge and away from the dangerous river’s reach.

The incident shows that there is power in unity and the citizens risked their own safety to ensure that a fellow human being would not be lost to the unforgiving forces of nature.

As time passed, the weather conditions began to improve, allowing the affected residents to return to their normal life.

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