Coleen Garcia Shares Betrayal That She Experienced

Coleen Garcia said that it is easy for her to trust other people

Actress Coleen Garcia shared her experience of being betrayed by other people because it is easy for her to trust others.

Coleen has been in the entertainment industry for many years already. With this, she has already met a lot of different people. In a recent interview, the actress shared her bad experiences with people she met in the past.

A press conference was recently held for Coleen’s new movie Playtime with Xian Lim, Faye Lorenzo, and Sanya Lopez.

coleen garcia
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One of the topics that was opened up was about trust issues. Coleen Garcia shared that there had been people who betrayed her and took advantage of her.

The actress shared that it is easy for her to other people. “Ilang beses na rin akong na-betray, and na-break ‘yung trust, pero for some reason, madali pa rin ako mag-trust ng ibang tao, pero nandoon pa rin ‘yung expectation ko,” she said.

With this kind of experience she had in the past, Coleen said that she already learned her lessons, especially since she now has a family to protect.

Their movie tackles the issue of s=xual predators. When asked how she protects herself from this kind of person who wants to take advantage, the actress said that it is on a case-to-case basis.

“It does happen, and most of the time, it occurs when dealing with strangers. Kailangan magsabi ka sa taong makakatulong sa’yo if someone crosses your boundaries,” the actress said.

Coleen Garcia said that she has never experienced this but she knows people who had this experience so it is important to watch oneself, especially when the other person is not trustworthy. “Don’t put yourself in a compromising situation,” she added.

Meanwhile, in a previous interview, the actress denied the rumors that she and her husband Billy Crawford broke up.

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