Nadine Lustre, James Reid Meet Again, JaDine Fans React

This is what happened when Nadine Lustre and James Reid met at an event.

Former celebrity couple Nadine Lustre and James Reid were spotted at an event and this is what has happened.

One of the biggest love teams in the country is JaDine, the collective name of ex-couple James Reid and Nadine Lustre.

In an official statement of James and Nadine in 2020, they confirmed their split for years after being together. In a previous article, the actor was asked about this and James expressed that he did not regret a thing about their split.

Years after their split, Nadine said that she was open to working with him again despite their failed relationship. She said, “If it’s a good project, why not? I’m a very collaborative person. Hindi naman kami magkaaway.”

More than three years after announcing their split, they met again at an event of a luxury brand.

At Gucci Greenbelt 4’s store opening, spotted were the former couple and it looked like the meeting was not a big deal at all. Issa Pressman, James’ current girlfriend was also there but Nadine was not seen with her boyfriend Christophe Bariou at the opening party.

And circulating online was the video of their “beso-beso” moment, their interaction where James approached the actress.

The two had a quick hug and beso in front of everyone. This moment showed that they were clearly on good terms.

Check out the clip below:

Here are some comments from X (formerly Twitter) as JaDine is trending as of this posting:

Bat ganun???? :/ my divorce parents :((

yung nakamove-on ka na tapos nagtwinning sila

huhu may kilig pa rin sa jadine bakit bwahaha but happy na ako for nadine!!!

So every may mapanakiy na moment for jadine fans. From mega to gucci ??? huhu

As a Jadine Fan ako sa ngiti ni Anne nong nakita niya si James at Nadine na magbebeso sa isa’t isa.

Last year, on the other hand, James said that being in a love team is unstoppable. It was intriguing and it caught a lot of attention online. According to him, the love team in the country is unstoppable once the public starts to like the chemistry of two people and there’s nothing an artist can do about it.

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